I thought it would be fun to be a grown up

I don’t know if it’s just me , or everyone else is like this , but as a kid i couldn’t wait to be a grown up so i would be able to make better decisions , be less anxious and become more confident regarding myself and my skills ( social and technical ) and…

Spicy Mango ( I messed up while grocery shopping)

Hey there !! we are back with a new recipe and it happened to be flaming hot too , to jump to the spicy mango recipe click down below and maybe check our previous recipe too So am still getting used to how this blog functions , what other things i can insert other than…

Who got time to count their calories !!

One of the reasons many of our diets fail is that we don’t stick to the ” calorie intake” , but lets be real , who got time to count their calories !! not me for sure .

A happier more delightful life.

Everyone deserves a happier more delightful life , a clearer mind ,a healthier body ,and lots of love from their family. However the older we get , the less time we spend eating properly , and it affects all aspects of our lives .

Cooking For Dummies :Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms

Am The Worst Cook I can be the worst cook I personally know , I have done so many dumb things and messed up the food I was making , no body dared to touch my plates , not even the eggs I fried. To be honest I lost hope in making good food ….